The District of Columbia doesn’t require general temporary workers to breeze through a test to acquire a permit. Be that as it may, subcontractors working in claim to fame exchanges (asbestos laborers, handymen, circuit repairmen, refrigeration and cooling mechanics, steam and working designers, and those in the lift exchanges) need extra licenses as required by the District of Columbia Board of Industrial Trades. Get your Corporate Registration and Employer ID Number. Except if you’re a Sole Proprietor with no exchange name, you can start the corporate enlistment process on the web General Contractor DC

Get your Certificate of Occupancy or Home Occupancy Permit. This basically exhibits your business action does not struggle with structure and zoning codes. This can be acquired through the Office of the Zoning Administrator (202) 442-4576.Get your New Business Tax Registration. You can enlist your business for neighborhood tax collection on the web.

Sign and Date a Clean Hands Statement. The District Government won’t issue or reissue any permit or grant if the candidate owes more than $100.00 in extraordinary obligation to the District of Columbia.Complete Sections A-D:Segment A: Specify application type, either by checking the “General Contractor” box or by checking and filling in the “Other” segment. This is an all inclusive application, yet you’ll have to fill two separate ones for General Contractor and Home Improvement Salesperson.

Area B: Provide the entrepreneur or substance name, just as the enrolled exchange name of the business (if pertinent). Check whichever one applies:ection C: Here you’ll indicate whether the business is in your home, not in your home, or not in D.C. You’ll additionally give either your Home Occupancy Permit number or your Certificate of Occupancy number just as the date issued. You’ll additionally be required to give your business’ physical location Area D: All organizations must have an Agent who can get authoritative archives for your business. This individual must be a D.C. inhabitant, and you may fill in as your own operator. Name, address, telephone number, and email address of the Agent are required.